Our Mission

The Data Union protects the interests of anyone who produces data on the internet. The Data Union wants to give people more control over their data and shape strong terms of conditions for organization who use that data



To give our members a voice in what happens to their data


We produce data and get tricked into giving it away for nothing.


Users have no influence or control over their data.


Tech giants control the data market. Citizens and governments are out of play.


Tech giants cannot be trusted with our data.


It is time for action


Algorithms decide for a fast growing extent our daily lives. Which products we buy, what news we read, even who we fall in love with. But we don’t know anything about them. The Data Union is going to demand the transparency and readability of algorithms used corporations and governments. The new privacy regulation, the GDPR, provides with a number of possibilities.

The Data Union is going to help members demand their data rights from corporations and governments. Understanding regulations is complicated and time-costly. Privacy laws are no different. We are supporting our members in their quest to exercise their rights.

Action We are going to raise awareness throughout the country to raise awareness. We will focus attention on the need for the Data Union through organizing campaigns and events.

A counterweight needs weapons. The Data Union will inform its members about the newest tools to protect your data and develop these ourselves, to end our dependency.