As a user of the internet, you are producing loads of data every day. Through social media, surfing the web and using apps on your phone. You produce this data in fun and engaging ways. However, the tech giants control your data. They set the conditions in which you work. You have zero control over what happens to your data and you see none of the profits your data creates. You, as a data user, have the right to good terms of employment. Your life is transparent to the tech giant but they refuse that same transparency. That is why we should unite. To form a counter force. To come to the table with Google and Facebook. To pressure governments. So we get control over the data, products and services we help produce.


Collective Representation

We unite internet users, because only together can we form a counterweight against the influence of tech giants

Help for members

We help each other. We share and build toolkits, which will protect you online and help to claim or delete your data.

Political Influence

We want to pressure Google and Facebook for better terms of conditions. We want to negotiate governments into shaping stronger laws Become a Member of the Data Union




Help with creating awareness about these subjects.


As a member you also determine the course of The Data Union and you contribute to a strong counterforce.


Build our privacy toolkit with us and help The Data Union protect your data

Become a member of The Dataunion now

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The Data Union is a group that consists of members. The Data Union is fomed by a diverse group of people that worries about the power of tech giant on our data. The Union is a democratic organization; which means that each member has an even say on the strategy and organization of the Data Union.
The interim-board consists of Bas van der Gaag (math teacher), Ieteke Schouten (strategic advisor), Rik van Dijk (cyber security specialist), Klara Boonstra (professor Labor Laws) and Reinier Tromp (post-graduate student Artificial Intelligence). President of the Advisory Board is Dr. Paul Tang (Member of the European Parliament)